Calling all ED sufferers

I got an email request from my good friend June Alexander, asking me to post this notice:

ED sufferers and caregivers have an opportunity to share their experience in a new international textbook aimed at educating primary care health practitioners. The book, co-authored by June Alexander and Professor Janet Treasure, will be published by Routledge (UK) in 2011. Carrie is among those contributing their story in this exciting new book.

June particularly would like to hear from you if you:

--have experienced DBT or know a family member who has;
--have experienced CBT;
--are an elite female athlete who has suffered AN;
--are an Hispanic family, or black family, whose child developed AN and the family assisted recovery through FBT; or

--are a sufferer of bulimia who has experienced/is experiencing a drug therapy strategy.

If you fit any of the above criteria, and are willing to share your story, please contact June who will arrange to collect your story via email, Skype or phone. Anonymity is assured unless specifically stated. Write to June Alexander at or Carrie at

For more details about June go to

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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Meems said...

I posted a link to this particular entry on an eating disorder support forum I post at... I hope that's OK. I didn't think about asking beforehand but now it's done. If you'd like, I'll remove it though!

Carrie Arnold said...

Not a problem- the more requests, the better!

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