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At FEAST's table at this year's NEDA conference, one of our professional advisors brought a basket full of crocheted food. It wasn't just that it was, you know, crocheted food that made it amusing; it was the sheer level of detail on these things. The pizza I'm "eating" not only as a crust and cheese and toppings, it has a layer of tomato sauce as well. There was almost every different type of food on the FEAST table, and it was a huge hit.

A new photo manipulation program called Be Funky provided me with way too much fun this afternoon. I don't usually share pictures of myself for privacy reasons, but I do like this photo and it's not too personal. Here's the original:

So where does Be Funky come in? I was screwing around with some photos of myself I had- not many since I'm notoriously camera-shy, but I thought this image would make a funny one to play with. And, in no particular order, here are my results (the last is my favorite):

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Jessi said...

i agree VERY cool! I love crocheted food! You see it heaps around here at the local craft markets! :) FUN PICS!!

What an awesome program and nice to be able to have fun with food.... even if it isn't "Real"!

Cammy said...

Fun! Hey I have been thinking about getting a haircut exactly like yours for a while now! I love it on other people (looks great on you!), still unsure as to whether I could pull it off with my face shape. Thanks for the link to that program, too, love new mechanisms for procrastination. ;)

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