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I love quotes. I like the really oddball ones, or inspirational ones that no one else knows about. I got heaps of inspirational quotes each time when I was in treatment, but most of them made me gag a little bit.

Be a butterfly!
You can do it!
Stick to it like a stamp!

Some of this I think I might have gone for if I hadn't heard them so frequently they became rather cliche. Instead, I've kind of compiled my own list of favorite quotes, and here are a few of my new favorites:

"There is no progress without struggle." --Frederick Douglass

"I will be as strong and as weak as I need to be." --Thomas S. Szasz

"If you're afraid of butter, use cream." --Julia Child

And my all-time favorite that I used at the conclusion of my second book:

"Trials never end, of course. Unhappiness and misfortune are bound to occur as long as people live, but there is a feeling now, that wasn't there before, and isn't just on the surface of things, but penetrates all the way through, that says: we've won this. Things are going to get better now. You can sort of tell these things." --Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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Meggy said...

I love your blog; I just wanted to let you know. This post reminds me of my hospital stays (and the really awful quotes doctors would throw at me), but the last quote is, indeed, amazing.

Kim said...

Great quotes :) I also love quotes. I used to keep a book of quotes...I wonder what happened to it. I write down way too much stuff, but quotes are definitely keepers.

Rachel Humphrey said...

I truly love your blog and fine it interesting that I just started using quotes on my blog recently. I am trying to pay attention to what they are really trying to say, and get over some of the corniness. There was a lot that I first thought was corny in treatment, only to find out that the exercise was my turning point (writing a letter to my ED). Thanks for sharing, and feel free to stop by my blog sometime, I would love to hear what you think

Eating With Others said...

Yep gotta love quotes. I just put up one by my door, "Your Life Is Now!" I had been living with ed so long I had forgetten that.

And what is it with these crazy word verification's lately? This time it's pactummy, and of course it's when I'm eating lunch. Hmmm, maybe I'll only do 1/2 the sandwitch. Just kidding.

Carrie Arnold said...

Eating alone,

Yep, that's one of my favorite little "games" when commenting on other's blogs. I also get a laugh out of the words that the Blogger spell checker fails to recognize, and its subsequent "suggestions." It makes me think that there must be more X-rated blogs out there than I originally thought! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I love quotes, but I'd never come across that one from Julia Child - I love it!! :)

Carrie Arnold said...

Yes- the JC quote combines inspiration and practicality!

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