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My parents and I had to go out of town briefly, so I dropped Aria off at the vet's to board and have her surgery. As standoffish as she is, she also needs company. Even with a cat-sitter checking in on her once a day, she wound up meowing herself half hoarse while I was away for a long weekend for work.

But when Aria gets upset, Aria stops eating. She has green eyes like me, and her fur is remarkably similar in color to my hair. I know what I want (usually), and she always does. So there are many, many similarities between us, although this is a cat without self-esteem and body image issues. I know she's not trying to catch her reflection in the glass to see if her collar makes her butt look fat. I know she doesn't have an eating disorder.

That being said, she also nibbles at my mom's fake grass (it's "well mowed") and has decapitated her plastic daisies. One of her favorite things to lick is her butt, and she also snacks on various bugs and the cottonwood tree blossoms so prevalent in June near my house (we call 'em "fuzzies"). My therapist joked that the Fluffer Nutter might very well have pica. I don't know that Aria will cooperate with therapy, but then she doesn't really cooperate with much.

I know, however, that she will never struggle with exercise addiction like her mommy! Why? These two photos from I Can Has Cheezburger could have been written by her!

funny pictures of cats with captions

funny pictures of cats with captions

Yep- I think she'll turn out just fine. Keep your fingers crossed- she has her dental surgery tomorrow!

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12 comments: said...

haha! This was a funny post! Your cat sounds awesome!

Have fun while out of town!

Laur said...


I have diagnosed my cats with psychological disorders.

Cuddles, my oldest, has seperation anxiety. He's usually fine, but when I used to work a job where I was away for 3 days a week, even though my mom would check in on hime daily, he would scratch himself raw and puke all over my apt.

Shaggy, taken in by me from a friend who took him from his brother who took him in from someone else.... I think he has PTSD and bulimia.

I feel like we have found each other because we understand each other.

Fat Bastard said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carrie Arnold said...

I try to be tolerant of different viewpoints on this blog, and think that I do reasonably well at this.

I do not, however, tolerate assholes. Repeat offenders will be banned. You know who you are.

Carrie Arnold said...

Yay! Aria doesn't have a cavity! She still has all her little chompers- the better to bite me with, I suppose. I pick her up tomorrow morning. Now that's something worth waking up for.

Anonymous said...

oh cats are so wonderful! and lazy but that keeps them interesting. It's why we love them.

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