Cause Of Anorexia Linked To Brain Circuitry

Now this is a headline I would like to see more often (take note, New York Times):

Cause Of Anorexia Linked To Brain Circuitry

No psychobabble. No blaming of sufferers, parents, and society. No improper usage of the word "control."

Includes the latest science. Includes quotes from researchers. Includes optimism.

Sure, it's just a press release, but it's a big step in the right direction. Now we just need to persuade more journalists to cover these types of stories.

(And a not-so-subtle hint: the abstract of the paper is here. If anyone can find a full text version and wouldn't mind passing it along, I would be forever grateful. Thanks!)

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sad mom said...

I can't access from home but can try on Monday.

I think I'll print out a copy or three and hang them in conspicuous places. I'm tired of trying to educate people.

Thanks for the link!

Carrie Arnold said...

I think seeing whether a professional is familiar with this paper (or at least this line of research) is a great litmus test for screening treatment providers.

Thanks for the offer, too.

Cammy said...

The file should be waiting in your inbox.

Carrie Arnold said...

THANK YOU! I need to call the Hopkins alumni association to see if the annual dues covers library access with their VPN client. Because that would be awfully convenient...

MissBlueBird88 said...

I read this, too. A much better article than most!

Mad Bird said...

It's strange how some people blame the anorexic for the ED, and some people don't. I wish my parents didn't think I was just selfish and giving in. But then, they give me more freedom since they think I have control over what I choose to do. I don't really, that much, but I like the freedom.

Anonymous said...

The full text article is available at this link:
Registration is required, but it's free.

Carrie Arnold said...

Mad Bird,

I'm sorry your parens aren't able to help you overcome your ED. It took my parents a long time to figure out that neither of us were to blame for the AN- and a good therapist was so important in helping us with this.


MissBlueBird88 said...

It does feel selfish, which is an awful feeling, but you KNOW you would never CHOOSE this, so you can't possibly think you're being selfish:)

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