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My therapist gave me a small card last week week, that contained this small magnet and a little message:

1. This too shall pass.
2. Things will get better.
3. The only way out is through.
4. You'll know you're working hard when you feel it.

These are my new favorite mantras, though I personally like my psychiatrist's version of the first one: "This too shall pass, but now would be nice."

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Amy said...

I have that magnet on my fridge - it's a nice reminder

Silly Girl said...

This is a good mantra to have. Your therapist is right sometimes you want the bad to pass now.

Jessie said...

Good things to keep reminding yourself (and for me to keep reminding myself too :) ). Best of luck to you during this time.

emily sam said...

My mom has that magnet on her fridge. It's one of her favorite sayings.

A:) said...

I want that magnet lol!

I am here with you right now, using these same mantras wanting to tear my hair out. Another saying I have found better is "Wait it out. Things eventually get better."

Recovery sucks. This part of recovery hurts. Weight gain sucks. The hope that things eventually get better keeps us going.

<3 A:)

The Actors Diet said...

Great magnet! Where does one get those?!

Peregrine said...

oh wow, your therapist is so right! That's beautiful!!

When I was just entering the 'real' part of recovery--as in the gaining part--my best friend gave me a magnet that said, Today I Will Accept Change. I loved and hated that magnet. Really hated it, at points. But it helped, ultimately. I still think of it in my tough moments. It helped to label the feelings not as good or bad, but just as Change, happening even when it hurt like hell.

I also love a line from a song by Moby: "The darkest night's before the dawn." It's true! And the sky will just takes time for your eyes to adjust :)

hugs to you.

There's also a line said...

I love "the only way out is through." I also love "Jump and the net will appear."

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