Happy Mother's Day!

I got a semi-unexpected visit from my parents this afternoon- I learned they were heading down this way on Thursday, and they offered to stop by for a visit. Of course, I said yes, and we had a very nice dinner at a local restaurant.

So I wanted to say "thanks" and "I love you" to my mom very publicly here on my blog. For all of the goofy emails and voice messages she leaves me (none have yet made it onto this site, but there's still time, Mom. There's still time.) or the wacky forwards or the random bottle of Tums she stuck in my Christmas stocking one year just so it would be all nice and full like my brother's, she's a real gem.

All these years of the eating disorder, and she didn't leave me. Then she even let me come back home and fed me like I was a toddler, all over again. I'm amazed. I'm in awe.

I love you, Mom.

(okay, on cue: awwwww...)

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Anonymous said...

Awww. How nice. Sounds like you're very lucky to have each other.

Hope said...

It was so great to be able to have Mother's Day dinner with you. And then to have it all topped off with your mention of it on your blog. Am I a lucky Mom, or what??

We do have our wacky stories, don't we. Like I always say, our family isn't goofy, we're just colorful.

Nope, I'll never leave you. I'll be that old lady on the sidelines cheering you along.

I feel like the luckiest Mom around.

I love you, too, Carrie.

Okay...another awwwww.

mary said...


Lisa said...

I love the Tums story. My mother always, always makes sure our baskets, stockings, and gift-stacks are roughly the same size.

Carrie Arnold said...

I think my brother got a can of shaving cream that year (among other things), and I had chap stick--hence the size differential. :)

Harriet said...

Awww. This year for Mother's Day my daughter Kitty wrote me a letter saying, among other things, thanks for always being there and never giving up on me. You have no idea what it means to a mom to hear that.

Hope said...


What a wonderful "gift" from your daughter. Congratulations to you both. I DO know what it means to a mom to hear that. Priceless!

Laura Collins said...

Having met the lucky mom and the lucky daughter in question, may I say that we are all lucky to "know" you both!

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