Fantastic video on changing your thoughts

It's only about 2 minutes, but it is a fantastic, easy to understand introduction on how to change your mind and change your brain.

Though the author just talks about depression, I think it applies very much to eating disorders.

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Tiptoe said...

I agree, I like that video. Metaphors and visuals are always helpful. Therese Borchard does great ones. I posted awhile back on one of hers about letting go of guilt, equating it with rocks in a backpack.

samsi77 said...

This is a great & brief description of a complicated concept! I agree very applicable to ED!

marcella said...

I agree - it is a very good explanation of some work that was explained to me on brain imaging and depression.

Gina said...

It didn't suggest any alternative thoughts that I wouldn't find wildly delusional, self-serving, and detached from reality...

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