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I am caved to social pressures and have started a twitter feed for ED Bites. If this blog is a full meal, consider Twitter to be little tasty morsels to tide you over between postings. Or, just consider it my ramblings deemed too incoherent for full publications.

Whatever- add me to you list, and I will place a widget on the side of my blog tomorrow so you can know far too much about what I'm up to.

ED Bites on Twitter

(yes, the person in the photo is me, no Aria didn't get a bad dye job. It's a friend's kitten.)

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Kim said...

I'm afraid of Twitter. As my husband says, "It sounds like a side effect of someone taking an upper." Let me know how you like it and I'll consider caving to social pressure ;)

Carrie Arnold said...

This is kind of true. :) But I'm focusing on the many cool things I find that don't make it onto the blog, as well as stuff I find interesting but don't thing warrant a full post.

It's definitely an experiment!

Rachel said...

@Carrie - That's the exact reason I use Twitter. I come across far more related links and stories than I have time to blog about. And while some are interested, they're not all substantive enough to be blog-worthy, either.

Carrie Arnold said...


You're right- a lot of times, I will see something interesting, but my thoughts can be summarized pretty much in 140 characters!

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