The Boot Update

Well, I went back to the podiatrist and things are looking pretty good. My stress fracture is healing, though it's not 100% healed yet. However, the doc said I can start taking The Boot off in the evenings and walking around with real shoes on to start, and slowly extending the time I'm out of The Boot. He said as long as I'm not having any serious pain (achiness is to be expected), then I should be Boot-free by next week!

Too bad the damn thing is plastic. I would love to see it combust.

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Kim said...

Glad to hear you're healing! How do you feel about getting it off? Are you nervous about exercising?

Anonymous said...

I forget what kinda stress fx you had, but post boot for my metatarsal/tib-fib stuff, my md recommended dansko shoes. there's a few of them that have the podiatric seal of approval & some are actually cute too! they're way more expensive than what I'd normally pay for non-running shoes, but they honestly made a world of difference for me in terms of being able to tolerate being outta the boot.

hope the healing continues!

Laura Collins said...

Sending healing, bone-knitting, peaceful thoughts toward your foot... and singing taps for your boot!

Carrie Arnold said...


I will have to look into the Dansko shoes. I've heard of the brand. I've been wearing a new pair of nice Nike cross-trainers that have lots of support.


I don't knit- could you send some bone-crocheting thoughts instead? :)

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