Whose blog is it anyway?

As I read others' blogs (of which there are many, though surprisingly it hasn't eaten into my book reading, as I manage about 3 week still, thanks to living at the end of the DC Metro lines), people refer to their blogs in one of two ways:

  • this is MY blog- usually if trolls arrive, and is meant in the don't-you-think-a-public-blog-gives-you-permission-to-be-an-ass way. Or in the choice of subjects, etc.
  • this is YOUR blog- tell me what you want me to write about, give me your input, I'm writing for others to read.

And, like so many things in life, I fall somewhere in between. I am painfully aware that my blog is public--very public. My writing style is much more linear, much less Faulkner stream of consciousness (sans the Nobel Prize literary merit) than in my personal journals. It also contains less swearing and less open self-loathing. I'm not navel gazing here.

I write about research that I think sufferers and caregivers and friends and family need to know. I write about stuff that gets twisted in mainstream media because I want people to be aware. In that sense, ED Bites is a bit of a literary soapbox.

On the other hand, a lot of what I write, I write for me. I write about how to be okay with your body because I need to learn that, too. I need those reminders. When I write recovery-oriented stuff, it helps place me in that frame of mind, helps me see the upside of leaving anorexia behind.
In the end, I'm not sure whose blog this is, nor if it really matters. What I write ceases to become entirely mine the second I put it out there, and I think that's a good thing. Change comes from dialogues, not monologues.

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Lisa said...

Yours, mine, or ours, your blog is valuable and appreciated by a lot of people.

A:) said...

Carrie your blog is amazing -- you are correct in that it is a hybrid blog of sorts -- it is interesting because you aren't just describing your recovery/struggles but also sharing controversial topics/new bits of information that interest you. You also take the time to follow up and respond to commonents which is amazing and keeps people coming back. It is interactive and that truly is amazing.

I will often look to your blog when I am struggling because it gives me a sense of support.

Thank you,


saa said...

I read a lot of blogs, and I really love how different they all are. Some read like personal diaries, some more like textbooks. Self expression is important to me, but so is accurate information and support. I love your blog and have learned a lot coming here. I have posted anonymously -im cyber-shy ;)- and your response to my question really helped me. Also, I always find your topics interesting since I have had various eating disorders for over half of my life. Your writing style and mix of facts and personal ideas is a pleasure to read. Thanks for Blogging.

Darya Pino said...

Great food for thought. A blog is very much defined by the author, but just as much so by its readers. hmmm....

Tiptoe said...

That's the beauty of blogging really. They are so varied, but ultimately, there has to be an aspect for you involved even in a public domain whilst sharing a mix of both personal and research topics.

Many people enjoy your blog, and you are certainly right that change comes from dialogues. Another cool thing about blogging.

Laura Collins said...


Your blog matters for a number of reasons -

It matters to me intellectually (your grasp of the issues I care about expands my knowledge and range), personally (because I have the honor of knowing you offline as well), political (these issues you talk about involve social change and power), and literary (the story you are telling is completely engaging), and of course entertainment - you are one of the wittiest writers I know.

When I turn on my blog reader I may skim other feeds but yours is a "must read" and a "read first."

Thank you for this blog!!

MelissaS said...

my friend reads my blog. i asked her if she reads any other blogs from my blog list and recommended that she read yours. it turns out, yours is, in fact the one she reads.

she and i were just discussing your blog on hypermetabolism.

i love that your blog is a hybrid. i never know what you'll post next, but i look forward to learning more about our issues and more about you.

Carrie Arnold said...

Okay, I'm blushing now so stop! I appreciate the comments and compliments, though I didn't post this to go fishing for them.

I'm glad my blog means so much to so many. It is a labor of love, and I would like to blog more, but certain outside projects are preventing that at the moment.

Those of you who know the outside project, please hush. I want it to be a surprise.

Curious yet? ::evil chuckle::

Gaining Back My Life said...

"Change comes from dialogues, not monologues."

That was absolutely brilliant.

I had to make my blog privy, and wish I didn't - but I have to protect myself.

A:) said...

Outside project. . .another book from the famous carrie arnold?:P

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