New blog series on the biology of EDs

I have a number of fancy tricks of my sleeve, some of which actually have a chance of coming to fruition. In the meantime, I've been starting work on a new blog series on the biology of EDs. Most people don't get the up-to-date information when they're diagnosed, and it's hard to ultimately understand and take charge of your illness if you don't know what's really going on. Some of the good research is publicised in the wider media; however, these results are piecemeal, the incremental building of science. This is how research is- it's just the nature of the beast.

In this series, I want to look at things like differences in neurochemistry, genetic predispositions, medical complications, why people get sick, how they stay sick, and how to get better. I will weave together all of these piecemeal findings into something approximating the knowledge you need.

I'm hoping to post a new article once or twice a week- I'd like to do it more regularly, but those little tricks up my sleeve are going to likely suck up much of my free time.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy. And feel free to post any subject you'd like to see covered in the "comments" section, or drop me an email at carrie and then the little at sign thing, followed by edbites and then a period and then com.

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Cammy said...

Yay for science! ;)

Susie said...

i'd certainly be interested in medical complications. you never know, i may read something that shocks/scares me into gaining weight.


Carrie Arnold said...


I'm going to answer your comment with its own post- I think it deserves it!


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