MALL is a four-letter word

Help support handmade gifts and local artisans this holiday and take part in the "Mall is a four-letter word sale" at Etsy.

My shop (Frenchroast Designs) is part of the sale, and From Friday, November 28 through Monday, December 1, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all of my items to the continental US and discounts on international shipping. After you place your order, don't pay and please wait for a revised invoice.

I have a new line of pendants, as well as a bunch of other items that would make fantastic gifts.

This sale is part of an EtsyCREST (Capital Region Etsy Street Team) sale. Visit our blog and leave a comment to enter a drawing for a fantastic gift box with items from all participating shops. EtsyCREST blog!

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mary said...

Those new pendants are great! Love the colors you chose! Just want you to know I noticed. ; )

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