Friends don't let fat talk

This week is the first ever Fat Talk Free week, part of the launch of the Reflections Body Image Program and Eating Disorders Prevention by the Delta Delta Delta sorority.

I don't think fat talk causes eating disorders. But it does perpetuate them, make the obsessive calorie counting and exercise, the body distortion, the whole mindset seem normal. It can bamboozle parents and loved ones into brushing aside early warning signs of an eating disorder: all the girls diet. Most teenagers hate their bodies. Isn't it good he's getting to the gym and getting in shape?

Sometimes, this obsession doesn't lead to an eating disorder, but it still blights lives and potential. Think of how much money and time we spend on beauty and diet products (yes, Lean Cuisine counts!). Think of how many lives could be saved if we donated even half of that money to charity.

So Tri-Delta, in partnership with NEDA, the Academy for Eating Disorders, the National Organization for Women, and several other groups, made this fantastic video. It's well worth a watch. At the end, you can sign up to take the Fat Talk Free Pledge.

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