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I'm sure you've all noticed the, uh, minor changes I've made to the blog. I hope you like it- I really do. I had to monkey a bit with the html coding and try to figure it out, ultimately not being able to. Alas, things to learn for another day.

The header is known as a Wordle. Go to the website. Become addicted. Seriously.

More posts here (and at FEASTing on research) coming soon.


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Tiptoe said...

Carrie, I like the new design! Yes, wordle can be addicting which is why I don't venture there much.

Anonymous said...

Just a word of warning: The addiction sets in quickly. I just spent two hours playing with various configurations for Disordered Times. And it was far too much fun. :)

Libby said...


grey said...

Carrie, this looks great! And wow... the wordie thing is so cool.... how have I not discovered this before?

Harriet said...

Love it!

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