Craft show this weekend!

I snagged a table this weekend at the St. Peter's School Holiday Craft Show in Waldorf, MD. The show is from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.

I've pasted in a map below:

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I'm really excited to be in this show- except for the "setup starts at 6:30" part- can't they have shows for insomniacs? Regardless, come say hi! My email is in my profile if you want more information.


Laura Collins said...

I had a craft business for years (hand-made soap) and those early morning set-ups were brutal.

One thing that made the whole thing smoother was packing things in manageable packages, simple decor, and making sure to have something to "do" at the table - something people could ask about, and so I wasn't hovering over them as they pawed the merchandise.

Your stuff is so attractive, it'll be a natural draw.

My daughter had to learn not to hiss at people when they pawed and dropped stuff and kept walking. I had to learn to accept haggling... and learn better math skills!

Best wishes - have fun!!

Carrie Arnold said...

I have some stuff packed and ready to go. Tonight I'm going to prepare the packaging (putting business cards in the gift bags), and organizing the receipt books, getting the calculator, and pricing everything. I have my tablecloth, and just need to get some shoeboxes to create different levels and a more interesting display.

But I'll be hitting the Dunkin Donuts on the way for some coffee and breakfast- cooking that early in the morning is a health hazard for me!

I've also learned to bring lots of water and aspirin! :)

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