A Better Six?

The new ad campaign for the Sealy Posturepedic mattress is "A Better Six."

The commercial goes something like this:

People need about 8-9 hours of sleep, but they're lucky if they get six. So why not get a better six hours of sleep? And the Posturepedic mattress is supposed to give you a fantastic six hours of sleep.

Maybe it does. I don't know- I've never tried one of these. But if you need eight hours of sleep and you're only getting six, the best mattress in the world isn't going to make you more well rested. A crappy mattress (like the ones I had at camp or college) can make eight hours of sleep feel like six, but a good mattress CANNOT make up for much needed sleep. It can't.

I find it appalling that our culture accepts and even encourages things like not sleeping enough and not eating enough. It's a subtle competition among some of the people I know, especially when we were in school.

"I only slept five hours last night."
"Lucky- I only got four!"
"Wow, I wish I could do that."

And on and on the conversation goes. Please note: I was the one getting four hours of sleep. That stress on my body eventually made it give out.

I see the "Better Six" mattress like the faux diet food out there. Those 100 calorie packs of Oreos? Don't taste anything like an Oreo. Frankly, they're not bad. But they're not Oreos. By a long shot.

And six hours of sleep isn't eight. No matter what kind of mattress you have.

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samsi77 said...

If I may add... I tend to need an average of 8 hours of sleep per night and we won't get into my coffee and am issues however the past few days I have been getting a bit less coffee and sleep but energized by the amazing company that I have been keeping at NEDA. I also have been impressed with how comfortable the mattresses are here at this hotel too! Good night!

Cammy said...

I can't remember the last time I actually got six hours of sleep for more than one night in a row, usually I'm lucky for five...and with that kind of schedule, I could probably sleep just as soundly on a piece of cardboard as I could on an over-priced gimmick mattress. More to the point, though: you're right, Carrie, this is a novelty that's aimed at helping people to rationalize/justify pushing themselves and developing unhealthy habits.

kb said...


I think you are right that there is this weird, competitive, manic drive to eat less, to sleep less, to deprive your body to prove WHAT? That you are super human?
I have to admit that I am a good sleeper, but when I'm not sleeping well, it's a sure sign that something else is going on. So, in a way, I like that I'm so familiar with my sleep patterns. Also, the sleep deprivation thing seems to me to be another remnant of a past, extremely unhealthy life that I used to inhabit.
- Kristina

Anonymous said...

I think it also needs to be pointed out the similarity between the phrases "a better six" and "better sex".

I don't think that was a mistake.

Erica said...

I saw this commercial the other night and my reaction was, "Wah?!" Idiocy.

I have been suffering with insomnia for the first time in my life due to (ironically)my daughter being in recovery from ed. My general doctor was all into proscribing different types of sleep pills -- no mention of surviving a stressful event, PTSD, needing not a sleeping pill but needing to talk with a therapist about what our family has been through, antidepressants, etc...luckily I found another doctor.

I think too that it shows that there are many people with severe sleep issues who are not getting help. "You don't need theraputic support, you just need to by our bed!"

Carrie Arnold said...

I've had sleep issues since I was little. Unless I was massively sleep deprived, it took over an hour to fall asleep each night. Then my ability to fall asleep naturally just left me, and so I've been on meds ever since. I've tried to go off and can't, so while I don't like having to be on pills just to sleep, the trade offs aren't too bad.

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