Worst article on anorexia EVER

I'm interrupted my (scanty) series of posts on athletics, exercise, and eating disorders to bring you the worst article about anorexia I think I might have ever seen.

How to talk to your anorexic daughters: they may have a correctible health imbalance

  • Have anorexia? Try a parasite purge to flatten your tummy!
  • Encourage weight loss through excessive exercise rather than dieting.
  • Your daughter is either afraid of becoming overweight like you, she's learning "tricks" from YOUR eating disorder, or you're feeding her too much.
  • Just let her be thin- that's all she really wants, anyway. As long as the eating disorder is "only moderate" it's better than eating all of that "unhealthy food".

(Because we all know that people with anorexia are young women from wealthy families- who likely have blond hair, blue eyes, and perfect skin)

Special thanks to Libby for the link!

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Libby said...

Thought you'd "like" that one... :)

ms.shoe said...

unbelievable is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously my mouth is dropping.

I mean this bit is a load of elitist crap
"Of course, all cases are different, but for the most part, anorexic girls are known to be the more highly motivated, talented, intelligent Caucasian adolescents, from higher income level families who have come to expect perfection."

She almost sounds jealous.

MrsMenopausal said...

It's scary to think that not only do people truly think like this but others will happen upon this article, unaware.

Carrie Arnold said...

That's what really gets me: I've heard plenty of numbskull things about eating disorders in my time, but the worst are when they come from professionals. As far as I can tell, this woman has no creditials (mental health, medical, or otherwise), yet she passes herself off as an "expert."

Then again, the lady who wrote this also wrote a story about improving your psychic abilities with tarot cards, which does nothing to recommend her intellect.

MrsMenopausal said...

She states she is educated in writing and has taught writing.
That article has been seen by many.
From the site: Total Views: 61,682

Cynical Nymph said...

Wow. I mean, WOW.

I can't necessarily chime in on the tarot card point, as I read them too ^_^

... But I WILL point out that she apparently doesn't know the difference between "chose" and "choose," which doesn't recommend her very highly... Between that and the link next to the article that calls anorexia a "lifestyle choice," I'm going to stop before I end up breaking something. (Or, as this gal might write, "braking something. Because she probably doesn't know the difference.)

Carrie Arnold said...


I don't know about you, but I'm thinking she should stick to writing about writing and leave the anorexia stuff alone.


If anorexia is a lifestyle, so is cancer.


Anonymous said...

What scares me the most is that this woman says she is a former anoretic. See the end of page 3.

Anonymous said...

From the website where the article is posted:

"Associated Content is an Open Content Network.
Anyone can submit content on any subject in any format."

I'd like to think people who are learning about anorexia will select more reputable resources!

The author lists quantum physics as an interest too!

A:) said...

When I read the article, I thought it actually might be a joke :O

The stupid things people write online!


Anonymous said...

Tragically stupid. And I actually signed up just so I could tell her so.

edumacated said...

like, OMG... you mean, someone on the internet(z) is... WRONG???!!!

i am shocked and disillusioned. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just ridiculous. And you know what? My mom and doctor actually tried that whole "appeal to her desire to be thin" thing and it did not work. Them telling me that I only needed to gain a few pounds and could always lose it if I felt fat (yes, my doctor actually said that) just made me feel worse as I started gaining weight.

e. said...

"If the Anorexia Nervosa is not too severe, your daughter may be at least saving herself from overeating unhealthy foods, may be overdoing her thinness only to the point of eccentric beauty. If she has a mild case, don’t over react.

What looks like Anorexia Nervosa may simply be your daughter’s desire or natural propensity for slenderness. If she skips meals, rebels against eating all you cook for meals, counts calories, and works out often, she may be just healthy, and chosing a different relationship to her body than you have. If this is possibly all it is, you may want to avoid bringing up the topic in any dramatic way. But if you can, just casually rap with her about it, talking about your own feelings as well as hers."

What. the. fuck.

MrsMenopausal said...

I have to agree with you, Carrie.

Anonymous said...

oh. my. That is the most triggering thing I have read in awhile. And she thinks this approach would HELP?!?

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