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Part of the stress of the last two weeks of moving and job hunting were compounded by a sick kitty. Aria has an auto-immune skin condition that makes her itch. Being a cat, she "itches" by biting at the itchy area. I usually manage it by a twice-weekly low dose of steroids. However, when her meds ran out a month ago, I couldn't find the right meds in the right dose. Her skin condition flared up, and I dragged her to the vet for a steroid injection until the new meds could kick in. At the vet's, they also gave her a cream to help soothe the inflamed skin and prevent infection.

They also gave her a little flexible cone to put over her head to keep her from licking the cream off and biting at her leg. Aria looked utterly disgusted at her new little "cape." Personally, I thought she looked hilarious--something like a furry satellite dish. No, Aria, turn this way and maybe we can get HBO...

She hates the cone, hates the cream, and isn't really fond of the pills, either. But I give them to her. Aria is my baby, and that's what moms do. She needs her medicine, even if she doesn't want it. She doesn't have to want it, and I'm okay with that.

It was the same way with refeeding for me. Giving myself permission to hate the process (hate eating, hate having to eat, hate gaining weight, hate having to move home) did make it easier to bear. And that hatred didn't make the process any less necessary. Less enjoyable, sure.

But the caped crusader needs her cream again, and I might see if I can use Her Royal Fuzzy Satellite Dish to catch some classic reruns. Or at least watch CatTV.

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Palmtreechick said...

my cat is in a lampshade right now too. Makes me SOOOOO freaking sad.

Tiptoe said...

Don't you love when our animals can give us good metaphors for Ed-related stuff and life?

Poor Aria, I feel for her. Dogs and cats alike hate those e-collars. Plus, the fact that many of their own species really do think they look silly and funny does not help matters. Luckily, Aria doesn't have to worry about being seen by others of her own species, well except maybe at a vet's office.

Anyway, I know you're taking good care of your baby and hopefully those meds will kick in and make her feel better which will bring some stress levels down for both of you.

mary said...

The first time I saw one of those cones, in our case they used a bucket for our pup, I thought it was hysterical too. In fact I was shocked at the vet bill more than anything and the site of my dog standing there with a frigging bucket on her head made me feel all the more taken. She "needed" stitches,on a scratch I probably should have let heal naturally rather than take her to the bank...I mean vet. So, all I could do was laugh at that bucket and laugh I did. Must have been a nervous response to parting with my money.

Anyway, I hope Aria adjusts soon. At least you can see how hating something didn't make the process any easier.
Better to laugh when we can.
Hope your new place is fun.

Carrie Arnold said...

Buckethead is adjusting. It doesn't have to be on all the time, thankfully. The disgusted and revolted look on her face only makes it funnier. I told Aria that if it would make her feel better, I'd glue some rhinestones on and give her collar some bling bling.

Thus far, she hasn't taken me up on it...

A said...

You hit the nail on the head. . .

Giving myself permission to hate the process is definately helping -- I hate it. I HATE it. I HATE IT.


Just had to get that out.

Awful that something so necessary can be so psychologically painful. I have a LOT of respect for you Carrie.


Carrie Arnold said...

Aw, thanks A. Too bad we can't glue some rhinestones onto our *own* "cones" and bling ourselves to the hilt.

And note to self: wear long sleeves the next time you turn Aria into a satellite dish. Her little teeth are sharp!

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