Truth or dare

This is a new card from the Indexed blog. The title is "Careful, those claws are sharp!"

Think it's true? From whose perspective?

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tokaiangel said...

Yes yes absolutely true - maybe the envy doesn't go into "scorn" territory for everyone, but there will be a twinge of resentment.

We live in an aspirational society where enormous importance is placed on these three areas of life. For somebody to be blessed with all three makes them charmed, and turns them into a figure of envy.

Of course none of these three things is really very important, and somebody with all three is just as likely to be unhappy as the next person. But they are still a constant reminder of what we do not have, and what we desire.

TA x

Juliet said...

I think it is probably hard to be really pretty, thin and rich. I think people have prejudices against beautiful people, too.

Now, I'm not sure if I think it is inline with what the "obese" are subjected to... but I do think it is probably true for some.

Insecurity breeds animosity. We're all guilty of this to some degree, but those of us who can keep an open mind can often be pleasantly surprised.

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