Cats are good for mental health!

I call my lovely rescue cat, Aria, my Furry Prozac. And she is! There's nothing better than a snuggle and lick from my little darling.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. A recent study found that cats "might not make you burst into song, but they'll take the edge off a bad day."

Of course, how could a sweet face like this not brighten your day?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful eyes!

And dogs are good, too.

Tiptoe said...

It's interesting you posted about Aria, because I kept thinking how it had been awhile since we saw her beautiful, lovely face.

I grew up with cats and often miss having one. If I could have a cat, I'd have one in a heartbeat. Though they give something different psychologically from dogs, I love that about them.

Carrie Arnold said...

Dogs are good, too. I agree.

I think cats really help the quieter part of you, while dogs go for the more social aspects.

Rachel said...

Sometimes, my five furbabies were the only thing that kept me going during my eating disorder. I didn't care what I did to myself, but I worried about them and who would take care of them and what kind of life they'd lead if I were gone.

Carrie Arnold said...


I made a vow to Aria after I got out of the hospital the last time, that I would never leave her like that again. And on the days when I don't want to eat, I just think of her and it helps to push me through.

Anonymous said...

I agree, cats are such wonderful therapy. Nothing makes me feel better after a tough day at work than a good cuddle with my kitty.

swimfan93 said...

Your cat is gorgeous! I have 3 cats; They help me so much. There's nothing like a cat on the tummy to help an upset stomach after a meal =]

Carrie Arnold said...

Indeed, there is nothing like a cat on the tummy to make you feel better.

Until, of course, she decides that your lower abdomen housing (among other things) a *very* full bladder makes a wonderful springboard to leap from when she spies a bug.

I know, Aria. I love you, too. :)

Hope said...

A snuggle with "Miss Aria" always brightens my day. She's a beauty, all right!!

Lily said...


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