Blogging as therapy

Newsweek has an article that just tells us bloggers what we already know:

My Shrink Says...Blog?

Psychiatrists are starting to tout the therapeutic power of blogging, and many have begun incorporating it into patient treatment...

...Mental-health experts say blogs are a step up from plain old diaries, chiefly because of the built-in audience. As kids, we learn that if we air our problems, we get help. We associate communication with consolation, particularly when the going gets tough. Blogging fulfills that primal need for sympathy.

And I think blogging also forces me (us) to think through our problems more slowly and rationally, as well as solicit feedback on what is going wrong and what we can possibly do about it.

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tokaiangel said...

I agree - a paper journal is good for rationalising your thoughts into something coherent. But the great thing about blogging is having readers to give you an extra element of perspective... so if you're thinking something really wacky you can just have a laugh about it and move on, rather than obsessing.

Invaluable in our particular type of recuperative blogging, I think!

TA x

Vickyann said...

I totally agree, since I started blogging I have been able to be completely honest with myself, friends and readers. I can look at things differently, think things through; it's made a huge difference for my recovery.

And reading other people's blogs gives new insights and inspiration everyday.


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