My kind of therapy

Spain has the right idea, I think.

Destruction Therapy: in which people essentially take sledgehammers to old appliances in waste dumps as a way to relieve stress.

Extreme, yes. Effective? Who knows.

What do you think?

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mary said...

I like it!
Many years back, when I was in h/s, my gf's dad got into smashing bottles for recycling. This man was a miserable person to live with, a former alcoholic who had the "dry drunk" personality. When he was smashing bottles it started changing his demeanor enough that he became pleasant to be around. He was happy! Sadly, the landlord found out and asked him to stop after several months of "therapy" in the basement. I never forgot how effective this was and the peace it brought to a normally judgmental old fart.....though it had nothing to do with therapy and he wasn't smashing worked brilliantly.
Why go to a dump? Taking an empty milk jug and tossing it hard can feel great. I've done that a few times when furious.
I bet we could come up with many better, at home and FREE ways to say goodbye to our stress. Archery? (with pictures) I do think it helps.

b said...

Um, hellz yeah.

My therapist has employed sort of the same tactic with me...when I was IP, she bought old dishes and let me chuck them in a dumpster. Getting out that anger and hearing the smash of the breaking glass was strangely rewarding and releasing. I take a kick boxing class for the same reason - I can kick and punch and get out that agression without taking it out on myself.


I seem to have some anger issues, don't I? ;)

Anonymous said...

Abso-fraggin' lutely. Some days, that would be the most effective therapy.

Carrie said...


Where my old HS friend went to college, in the week or so before finals, they would take all of the old broken dishes and let the students smash them.

Beat the fingerpainting that we had.

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