FEASTing on research

I'd like to send all of you a link to my new blog: FEASTing on research.

I was asked my Laura Collins to be the "research maven" for the parent advocacy organization FEAST (Families Empowered and Supporting the Treatment of Eating Disorders). There, once or twice a week, I'm going to blog on some tasty tidbits in eating disorders research that will be useful to parents.

Fear not! I will not stop here at ED Bites. Again, I apologize for the slow posts because of my nasty commute (usually leave around 6:40 am and don't get back until after 7), but I'm still here and still blogging.

Happy reading!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Carrie. I think this will be a really nice contribution.

IrishUp said...

Congrats Carrie -
I tried to post this on FEASTing, but it wouldn't let me :-(
Anyway, looking forward to reading your posts and figuring out how to comment!

Carrie said...


Oh, I know what's wrong! I totally forgot to change that setting when I set up the blog. I'm going to be doing some major updating to the blog tonight, so I'll fix it when I get home. Thanks for letting me know.

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