I'm not snickering

A short story:

I'm walking down the hall in my office*, and I pass one of my co-workers. A young, female co-worker, to be exact.

She is unwrapping a Snickers bar.

I smile at her as I walk by. She moves her hand to cover the "Snickers" name.

She is ashamed.

How sad. I wish she could enjoy her food without shame. I with we all could.

*Yes! I work in a real office! With real people! Who aren't competing to lose weight! How lovely!

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mary said...

Maybe she was afraid she'd have to share?
Happy to hear you are working somewhere where a candy bar isn't frowned upon! Hope you enjoy your work. Still at your apartment?

carrie said...

Yep. Still at my apartment with a bugger of a commute.

I don't think she was worried about sharing- it looked like she had taken a bite. But at least she GOT a candy bar.

I do enjoy my internship a lot. I get to do lots of writing, which is good. And my co-workers are remarkably sane, which is quite a relief!

samsi77 said...

I agree, it is sad! Heres the more important question, can you put your candy jar out on your desk without fear of having it voted off the island? lol

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