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I am one week away from graduating with my second master's degree.

Today, I ordered cheese to go with my Subway lunch.

Second master's degree, people. And here I am, blogging about ordering cheese on my sub for the first time in almost a decade.

I NEVER order extras. It's one of the hardest rules I've had to break. No extras (with calories). Why would you knowingly, voluntarily put more calories on your food?

Because...wait for it, wait for tastes better that way.

My friend was ordering the same sandwich I was, and she got cheese on hers. As always. She said that the cheese really added to it. So I took a deep breath and when they asked what kind of cheese I would like, I said "provolone."

And I ate my sandwich and survived. I don't know that I really enjoyed it- it's too early to say.

But one week before I get my second master's degree, I finally ate cheese.

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Libby said...

Second Masters degree... damned impressive.

Eating cheese... damned impressive, and yummy, too.

Good for you!!


disordered girl said...

Fricking awesome, on both accounts!

mary said...

OH JOY! : )
Gives a whole new meaning to "say cheese" I hope you say it again.

Danielle said...

Your blog has really been helping me get through my days. I have been wanting to write you an email but my mind can never focus and it always gets pushed to the later that never comes. Actually, i think i will write to you now! I am SO proud of your cheese victory! ~~email to come

carrie said...


The master's degrees? They're kind of like those series of plastic toys you could get with Happy Meals and such- "Collect them All!"

Thanks for all your support.

Tracey said...

Carrie- incredibly amazing-- TWO Masters!

Congrats and my very best wishes to your BIG day heading up-- you've obviously busted butt and with your upcoming internship this summer you are going to be cracking that whip.

Make a difference and fulfill your heart's desire(s).


Jeanne said...


Both for being so close to your second masters and for choosing to add some cheese!!

thinking of you with lots of love,

fighting_forever said...

And I thought one masters was tough enough!

Congratulations. I know it might seem strange to non-sufferers, but you've just made a huge step towards recovery.

Amy said...

You're so right. That is exactly why I never get cheese on my sandwiches, even though I LOVE how it tastes. I'm going to start eating cheese on sandwiches again.

I never comment on blogs, but I needed to on yours because this post just spoke to me.

Oh, and congrats on the Masters!

Laura Collins said...

I think I can say that without a doubt, people all over the world today will be adding cheese to sandwiches - joyfully, and in celebration of you!

mimi said...

I am a mom of an eating disordered little boy. I read your blog nearly every day and am a secret admirer of yours. This posting filled me with such pride -- you are so inspiring to so many people for so many different things. All the science, the art, and of course the heroic bravery. Congratulations for everything you are Miss Carrie.

Anonymous said...

Well done all around, Carrie. Congratulations on your degree and fantastic job taking the cheese challenge.

samsi77 said...

You have earned that degree, say Cheese! I am so proud of all of the mastery demonstrated this past year!

carrie said...

Oh Stephanie, stop with those bad puns!

I got your email- will write back shortly.

Libby said...

Well considering my MS nearly did me in, I'm impressed!!

Harriet said...

Coming late to the party, Carrie, is your degree in provolone or gouda?


KC Elaine said...

congratulations!!! I'm really proud of you :)

Tiptoe said...

Late in this, but wanted to say congrats on both the masters and overcoming the cheese obstacle. Each are their own accomplishments!

carrie said...

Thanks to all. I'm really touched.

Four more classes to go! I'm getting way too old for homework. Way too old.


I got your email. I will be writing you back, but my brain is all over the map and you can read my ramblings here. I will send you something coherent tomorrow (I hope). :)

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