EDC Lobby Day

Hi everyone. The past two days I was in DC for the Eating Disorders Coalition's Lobby Day. It was an amazing experience but I was just way. too. tired. to write until just now.

I got to meet Dr. Cynthia Bulik who is, to paraphrase my little cousin Emily, "the coolest person ever." Down to earth, passionate, and absolutely hilarious. That she is a champion of ED research only makes her that much more amazing. I met many amazing men and women in recovery, and heard stories that so echo mine. I had the good fortune of meeting Miss America and having her on my lobby team (we're both from Michigan, and that's where I'm still registered to vote). She is amazingly clear headed and poised and an absolutely lovely young woman. She handled the stares of security guards and the flirtations of crochety old senators with dignity and grace. Plus, she loves cats.

The highlight of the trip was when I got to ride in the little trolley/subway that runs between the Senate and House office buildings and the capitol. Ah, the life of the easily amused.

I would have liked to hear more about research during the day and less about stuff on society. I guess that this probably isn't the world's most appropriate venue (an ED research conference would probably be that), but I still would have liked to have heard more about why we need research on causes and better treatments.

I'm still processing some of the information, but I'll probably do some posts in the next few days. So it will be back to getting your regular ED Bites fix, everyone.

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Libby said...

WOW. Just... wow. Just checked out the website, and it looks like that must have been a very powerful experience. This is something I may have to look into next year.

Thanks, Carrie, for being a voice for so many of us!!

Libby... ironically, in DC

carrie said...


It was an amazing experience- very empowering. And exhausting! I slept all afternoon because I was so worn out by all of it.

Hey, I'll be working in DC this summer. Maybe we can meet at some point. :)


Libby said...

That would be fun. :)

Tracey said...

Welcome back Carrie-

That's fantastic that you were able to attend-- looking forward to reading what your additional thoughts and feedback are once you have a chance to recoup.

Good Job and Many Thanks on behalf of those of us who were not able to give extra weight/#'s to the effort-- we were there in spirit!


*Love the cartoon caption!*

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a very cool experience. Can't wait to read more. :)

Sarah said...

You'll be working in DC this summer?!?!? wooohooo!

carrie said...

Yes- I have an internship this summer at the American Chemical Society, with their weekly newsmagazine "Chemical and Engineering News".

Let's hope the linky magic works.

Sarah said...

maybe we can get together!

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