Happy Easter

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Jeanne said...

Happy Easter, Carrie!!

I LOVE this diorama!! 8-)

thinking of you with love,

laughingmybuttoff said...

LOL!!! Oh my gosh, that is SO wrong, and SO funny!!! You just made my day!!!! Thanks! And spring tidings to you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

carrie said...

I got some pink bunny peeps for Easter- and all I can think about doing is turning them into stripper bunnies. :)

samsi77 said...

I hope that you had a terrific Easter. Although I have always loved peeps I will forever look at them differently after that peep show lol

carrie said...


Me too. Me too. Although I did find some fun experiments to do with peeps, like microwaving them, dropping them in liquid nitrogen, etc. The small things it takes to keep a chemistry major entertained...

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