Writer, Interrupted

Check it out: my first real science writer byline.

Each story doesn't have an individual link, but it should be at the top for at least a day or two. I believe you can get to it without a subscription- if you can't let me know.

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Hope said...

Yes, you can get to it without a subscription. Fascinating story...great job.

Congratulations to YOU!!

Sarah said...

That's awesome! Its a really interesting story, too! Congrats Carrie!

Harriet said...

Way cool, Carrie. Big congrats!!

samsi77 said...

You go girl, very concise and well written piece with an intriguing picture too!

Laura Collins said...

OK, so why did I keep blinking as I read the piece, as if people were looking at crystals in my eyes....

Good job!

Tiptoe said...

Good job on the article. It's an interesting piece and useful will hopefully be useful to forensics.

mary said...

Love it! thanks for sharing~

Tracey said...

Kudos Carrie! Great read- keep writing, thinking and putting your work out there!


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