Sunday Smorgasbord- News in Review

This is my second smorgasbord, unfortunately arriving a day late. I actually totally forgot until this afternoon. So as not to further starve you of the good, the bad, and the ugly in eating disorders news and research, here we go:

The Madness of History. The intro to the article summarizes it best: Are certain human behaviours timeless, or always part of a greater cultural context? The answer, in some cases, means the difference between pathology and theology. Although the article focuses on anorexia, it also speaks to historical views of mental illness. I really liked it.

Fad Diets: Feeding Food Obsession. There are a few things in this article that I don't like (where anorexia is equated to a need to be "in control." Which is true, in the sense that sufferers are looking for control- but only because they don't have it), but overall it's a good look at how culture and dieting can trigger eating disorders.

Scotland wins approval for first inpatient Eating Disorders Unit. And it's in Aberdeen, where I studied for a semester. And it's also about time.

Mirrors Reflect on Body Image. I don't know one person with an eating disorder who likes looking in the mirror. And even many people without an eating disorder hate what they see. As part of Eating Disorders Awareness Week in Canada, a booth was set up with two mirrors for passers-by to identify something they liked about what they saw. Even if this has no effect on eating disorders, it's still a good message.

The other good stories I already blogged about this week, so happy reading to all.

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mary said...

The mirror project sounds interesting. I have done antique shows where I have a chance to sit back and people watch. At times there's been a mirror or 2 in my space and I have always found it interesting to see which people will stop and fix themselves. It seems so bold to me. I tend to save my peeks for private moments.
I do like the idea of encouraging people to look for things they like about themselves. From there they can build.

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