NEDAW- Week in (pre)view

I didn't do a Saturday Smorgasbord this week for several reasons:

1. Most of the news stories out there this week simply weren't all that good. I blogged about the ones I felt like blogging about, and the rest don't make me say anything that I haven't really already said.

2. Today marks the start of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

With that, I had an idea. Many of us have noticed that the media coverage of eating disorders is less than optimal. I'm not just talking quantity of attention; I'm talking quality. Subjects crucial to eating disorders- like biochemistry and genetics- are glossed over or omitted entirely. Or the articles only focus on young, white females. Or on emaciated anorexics- when the majority of ED sufferers are at "normal" weights.

So why don't we make the news, instead of just taking it in? Tell people your truth. Tell them looking okay doesn't mean feeling okay. Tell them that this illness isn't your fault. Tell them the latest research. It doesn't have to be a reporter- it could be a friend or family member. It could even be a quiet acknowledgement to yourself.

What can YOU do to celebrate NEDAW? Post your ideas in the comments section. I look forward to hearing them.

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samsi77 said...

I personally look forward to the day that at minimum, during the one week period, that we see as many if not more advertisements for EDAP week as we see diet/gym/weight loss commercials!

carrie said...

Amen, Stephanie

samsi77 said...

You were missed tonight but were there is thought and spirit!

mary said...

"My message this week and always is that we all love ourselves as we are and let our focus be on worldly issues of greater importance than our big or small asses. How's that for a bumper sticker? Helping others overcome ED's might be one of these causes and stopping the lies from being spewed. We can do this with our words regardless of our pocketbooks. We can each make a difference. Words are powerful weapons so let's not allow anyone use them against us."

Here's my thoughts from my post on Harriet's blog. Keep writing Carrie but make sure you take the time to follow some dreams using your creativity as you have so much to offer. I love some of your new jewelry designs! /***

carrie said...


Well that would be one big ass bumper sticker (pardon the pun!)


My parents will be there tomorrow night- presuming they can find the building. I missed being there with everyone.

Hope said...

Carrie and Stephanie:

Yes, we'll definitely be there tomorrow night. Looking forward to it!

KC Elaine said...

making zines! I stumbled on your blog and love it. I make zines - booklets on a xerox machine - about eating disorder awareness and hand them out.

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