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I got an email in my inbox this morning with a subject heading of "Non-Invasive ED Treatments". I had my mouse hovering over the link, all ready to click, when I thought: wait a minute.

How would these people (random people) know about my eating disorder? And not only that, but know enough to try and sell treatments?

That's when I realized: there's more than one type of ED. And this ED wasn't represented by a conniving serial-dating bastard named Ed. Indeed, this ED was represented by blue pills and Bob Dole.
The moral of the story is that things aren't always what they seem.
The other moral of the story is that if ED treatment and research was covered by insurance as easily as Viagra and Cialis (and let's not forget Levitra!)*, a lot of suffering in this world could be avoided.
*A warm welcome to everyone who found this blog by Googling "Viagra." I hope you enjoy my blog, even though it probably isn't exactly what you were looking for.

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samsi77 said...

This is such a Carrie posting, I LOVE it! So very true on many levels!

Hope said...

Who would have known that you and Bob Dole had something in common! Very funny!

Anonymous said...


carrie said...


It IS so me, and yet it's hilarious because the mistake is so easy to make.


This better be the *only* think Bob Dole and I have in common...


Glad my ignorance could come to good use.

Amy said...

Every time I hear an ED commercial or whatever, my first instinct is always eating disorder, never even considering the weenus until I see the smirking success story of whatever pills they're pushing.

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