Aria's Photo Album

Here is the first set of Aria's photo album. They're from my Facebook profile. Enjoy.

Some people have kids...I have a cat!

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Tracey said...

ohhhh! Toooo cute! Aria is quite the striking feline I must say, and I'm sure keeps you as busy and as in love as anyone who has kids to boot.

Thanks for sharing-


Hope said...

She's definitely the gorgeous, striking "diva". And even prettier in person, with the softest fur...she's my grandkitty!!!

Sending scratches!

samsi77 said...

She is adoreable and her personality shines through! Aria seems to be very photographic too and yes like Hope said quite the striking "diva". Pet therapy is another adjunct that I am a trenmendous fan of, I can't think of a more effective means of utilizing "Distress Tolerance Skills" then stroking the silky ears of a cat/dog/furry friend!

carrie said...


Having been a long-term baby sitter in high school, she's not as energy-dependent as most little kids. This isn't to say that she's not high-maintenance, however.


Yeah, until the furry friend decides she's had enough and tries to nip you. :) Not that I would trade that for the world.

Dreaming again said...

I have a beautiful cat named Twitch.

long hair, thick bushy tail (maine coon) and his tabby stripes are in circles ...BEAUTIFUL. Elegant, stately Tom Cat.

He, however HATES the camera! He'll glare when you try to get a picture of him ...

Sugarfoot on the other hand, is a camera ham. She's even learned our cell phones will make that little flash. If you point the cell phone or camera at her, she'll strike a pose's hilarious!

RioIriri said...

She is SUCH a beauty. I love the orangeybrown tabbies; they look so wild!

Life just isn't life without cats! My home is feeling a little empty because we don't have any fosters right now. We do have our own five cats, which makes me sound silly, but the energy I put into taming a feral kitten is going unspent, and it's making me chase my tail a bit :)

carrie said...


Aria treats me a bit like the paparazzi (though that might be as much because I'm always taking pictures!). Sometimes, I swear she's posing, and others she just tries to ignore me. :)


I had a foster very briefly before I adopted Aria. Lordy- he was a handful. I wonder what my neighbors thought when they heard "No!" "Get down!" "Stop that!" coming from my apartment at all hours of the day and night. I'm glad he found a good home with small children to keep him busy.

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