Anti-diet fliers for your psycho workplace

It seems that more and more workplaces are embracing the Weight Watchers at Work-esque programs. I've dealt with it, and wound up quitting my job because of it.

I resisted ripping down all of the fliers telling me that "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."* I created an anti-diet zone around my desk, through the help of my wonderful therapist. I had fun posters, chocolates, you name it.

What I didn't have, and what the wonderful Paul over at Big Fat Blog created, was anti-WW fliers. You can download them here. Post them liberally around your workplace. My favorite places would be in the breakroom/lunchroom, on the vending machines, and in the bathrooms.

We all need these messages.

*I didn't rip those ones down- I got the lady in charge of the Big Fat Losers program to take them down.

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