Carnival of Eating Disorders

Okay, so apparently I'm a little slow on the uptake here, but my blog was featured on Isabelle Mori's recent Carnival of Eating Disorders.

Read the entire post here.

My dear friend Faith is also featured.

Happy reading!

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Sarah said...

I know what "carnival" means in this context but I can't help laughing about a carnival of eating disorders. . . are there any funhouse mirrors? cotton candy?

carrie said...

Yeah, I got a bit of a chuckle out of it too. I was thinking along the lines of roller coasters. And Ed as a carnie. Hee hee.

Faith said...

I had no idea I was listed in CoED! I've submitted stuff before but I didn't even submit this one! Weird.

Thanks for the heads up Carrie!

isabella mori said...

hi everyone - this is isabella, the blogger with the carnival of eating disorders. thanks for mentioning it!

yes, it is a strange name, isn't it? i started it a year ago. giving it that name just seemed the thing to do, seeing that it's part of the blog carnivals. if i were to start it all over again now i think i would give it a different name.

it's great, of course, when the posts are submitted to the carnival but if i'm looking for a particular topic that has not been represented, or when i've run across a great post, then i'll include it.

just like i exclude quite a few articles that are submitted. for example, for some reason i thought that a submission i got the other day about various places in the world where you can pig out on chocolate just wasn't quite the right thing :)

Robert said...

Great blog, great information


Dreaming again said...

fun house mirrors ... lol ...hmmm isn't that kind of what all mirrors are? *thinking*

maybe if we had funhouse mirrors we would see what everyone else sees?

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