Bon Appetit

I love googly eyes. And this, my friends, is a feastof them.

They seriously need these at treatment center meals. Make it more appetizing. Even better than Ryan Seacrest the hamster.

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mary said...

Hehehehe I saw the cereal and sat here staring at it wondering "what the hell is that on the it?"
I am too tired to be up, nite nite./****

Sarah said...

Yikes! My breakfast is looking at me!

will it bite back?

Dreaming again said...

I'm going to print that off, take it to my therapist and say "and you wonder why I don't like to eat!"

Anonymous said...

I kinda have a problem with eating things that have eyes, and I mean that in a completely non-disordered way. The visual kinda creeps me out. :P

carrie said...

My second question for the author (the first one being "huh?") is: don't you have something better to do? :)

Dreaming again said...

I have a friend with an ed. She is very artistic. I'm a writer. We're both kind of ..out there.

When I showed it to her ...she and I both had the same reaction ... it put a visual on exactly how we feel when we sit down to a plate of food!

It spoke volumes to me! I meant what I said about taking it to my therapist ...

Sad Mom said...

ms.em leads into a question I have and don't know who else to ask, please forgive my presumption.

I would very much like ED to not be the center of his universe. ( realizing how impossible this is)I try not to make it so but have a duty as a loving parent to be sure enough food is eaten. Am I expected roll over take it when accused of making everything about food (I don't think I am but apparently he does) or am I allowed to respond? Am I not supposed to ask when he's last had a meal?

mary said...

In all seriousness, when my son was a cook at a college, he decided that he'd give the food a more interesting look. He made pizza into pumpkin faces at Halloween...using pepperoni. It was the talk of the night. Now he's an assistant chef and while it's not his life dream it's something he does well.
I say play with your food but eat it anyway. Face those fears by naming the eyed potato "ED" and show him who's gonna eat him up....and like it! Even a vegetarian can do that. Win this war. I promise it will get easier.

carrie said...


No, by all means, take it to your therapist. I'm glad it could help.


Why don't you email me at carrie [At] edbites {DoT} com? I can talk to you better than- I don't really know enough to comment fully now. And I couldn't find your email in your profile.


I did odd things to entertain myself when I worked retail at a kids' toy store. I would dress up the animals in all of these odd costumes, just because I was so bored I couldn't stand it. That, and to see if people actually noticed these things.

Dreaming again said...

Carrie ... I sent you an invite to my private recovery blog.

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