I'm such a snot


I woke up this morning all stuffy, and it's gotten a little better, but not much. Now I'm all hot and fever-y and my throat hurts.

Crap. Crap crap crap. I hate having a cold. I feel I'm not sick enough to actually languish and sit home and eat bon-bons, but I'm miserable enough to be, well, miserable. I hope it doesn't get much worse. I know hot tea with honey and lemon helps, but I'm already hot. I suppose I could stand outside with my mug of tea.

What do they say? "Feed a cold and starve a fever."

(Ed's ears perked up with "starve." He's all "Really? We get to starve? When can we start?" Never, you mangy bastard. Go away. Join the snotty Kleenex in the garbage.)

To top it off, I went to the library this afternoon, and I left the milk sitting out on the counter after lunch. I walk in to my stinky milk apartment. Yuck.

Then (then!) I make eggs and cheese and sausage and toast for dinner. I burnt the toast. Not a little. Like one side of each piece was BLACK. There was smoke. So now I'm living in a sour milk and burnt toast love den with my cat.

I guess that's the one good thing about having a stuffy nose...

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Hope said...

So sorry that you're not feeling well. Along with the hot tea, take some Tylenol and get as much rest as you can. Sending a warm hug.
Get Well!


Libby said...

Awww... feel better! When I was in college and grad school, "Cold-Eze" was my friend. It can dehydrate you if you don't stay on top of it, but it does cut the miserable-head part pretty quickly.

Sending ginger-ale... I personally like the fizzies on a stuffy head.

Libby in DC (who has been reading even if not commenting)

mary said...

My sis swears by "Cold Eze" too.

Me,it's the teas and Vit. C. Honey is a powerful Echinacea if I'm really suffering. Honey too. I save the candy corn corn (made with honey) from Halloween as a medicinal stash. Great little pharmacy I have here. Dove chocolates. A regular Willy Wonka.
Seriously though, soup is good stuff if it's hearty.
Hope this moves along fast./***

Sarah said...

Oh, uck. I hope this passes quickly. Let Aria be your hot water bottle. I hope you feel much better soon.


Anonymous said...

Being sick sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

Katy said...

"Ed's ears perked up with "starve." He's all "Really? We get to starve? When can we start?" Never, you mangy bastard. Go away. Join the snotty Kleenex in the garbage."


carrie said...

Thanks everyone. I am feeling quite a bit better. My nose is still kind of stuffy, but not bad.

And the burnt toast smell finally left. Which is good, because I can smell now. :)

em said...

hope you feel better soon. i had four nasty colds last winter so i know just how awful they are!

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