They're back!!!

My two babies are back!

Kitty is well. She pouted for a while yesterday but is in her usual form today.

And my laptop returned in one piece from its weekend at the computer spa. Besides the standard waxing and exfoliation it had some surgery and the little dear now has a new hard drive.

May the blogging madness ensue.

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Sarah said...

welcome back, babies!

mary said...

Great news Carrie. Missed you./***

Simply Wired said...

Good news! I hope kitty and computer are both doing swell.

Thanks for participating in the poll on my blog. You have good stuff on here...I can tell you're a writer. ;oD

I also saw that you're a Dar Williams fan. Double ;oD ;oD

carrie said...


I'm still cheering- and so is kitty because she knows her mom will give her all the tuna she wants. :)


I missed you too.


I love meeting other Etsians. Your stuff is gorgeous. I think I'm going to create a list of Etsy blogs I like.

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