So long, farewell...

Hey. I was one of the lead nuns in Sound of Music in the school play. I'm freaking allowed to quote as much of the play as I want.

I said goodbye to my fabulous therapist today, Stephanie. I know I'll keep in contact with her, but damn I'm going to miss her.

I also said goodbye to my favorite all-purpose store, Meijer. I don't know how I'm going to live where there isn't one of those stores. I grew up shopping at Meijer. It's a freaking Midwestern institution. I suppose I'll learn.

Now, it's back to packing. I'm still here. I may or may not be checking back for a couple of days, but I'll be thinking of you.

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samsi77 said...

I hope that you are feeling better. Know that you are going to be missed but not forgotten by all of us in Michigan. Happy packing I will keep my fingers crossed for a smooth Aryia (spelling ?) transition!

Katy said...

Meijer's not a TOTAL midwest institution--I've spent most of my life in Chicago and I've never been inside one! I don't think I even knew what it was until a year or two ago! (But I feel your pain on east coast grocery stores--just not the same. Drug stores too. It's a shame.)

GOOD LUCK. Your motivation oozes out of your blog--the transition may not be easy (when are they ever, especially to those of us who are primarily kept upright not by skeletons, as are most people, but rather by routine?) but you're going in aware of that--you know what you need to do to keep yourself upright. You've done a lot of hard work and in my extremely uninformed opinion you're ready for this and capable of it!!!

Faith said...

I've never had the experience of leaving a T that I loved. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Yeesh. I feel like if I had to leave my T now, it would be like losing a parent (but one that I paid!).

I'm thinking of you too Carrie!


Laura Collins said...

And we'll be thinking of YOU!

disordered girl said...

Good luck packing and moving. I hope everything goes smoothly!

Libby said...

Ack! Transition! Hang in there!

I totally understand saying goodbye to a therapist. Mine left her practice in May and I had to find someone new. It's working out wonderfully, but the loss was (still is somewhat) hard.

I grew up in IA and WI... but I never heard of Meijer. None out here... but I do almost all my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. Been to one of those? There are a couple pretty close to Baltimore... :)

Welcome to "my" neck of the woods!

Libby in DC
(who reads faithfully but who's been really busy and hasn't been much of a commenter lately)

Sarah said...

Safe travels. . . I'm excited for you!


lauren said...

Good luck with the packing sweetie! I will be thinking of you this weekend, I have to move tomorrow also!!! UGH so much work!
Hugs Hugs Hugs

Harriet Brown said...

You're going to be OK, Carrie. Heck, you're OK now. You have all the tools you need, especially love and support in both the real and virtual world. There will no doubt be ups and downs, but if you can remember that deep down, where it counts, you're solid and strong and OK--well, I know you're going to be more than fine. You're going to shine.

carrie said...

Truck is nearly packed. I'm hot, sweaty and my back hurts. Everyone is cranky but we're getting too freaking tired to keep snapping at each other (aren't families great?)

Aria is getting spooked and is hiding under the couch. Getting her in the car should be fun.

It could be up to a week until I can check back. Probably sooner, but you know how I worry...

Take care,

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