Dear Santa...

I've been thinking- I saw a little baby sleeping in one of those car seat carrier things and all I could think was how much I wanted one of those. For me. And some Hagrid-sized person to tote me around everywhere. It would be like fast-forwarding through all the commercials of life. Bored? Take a snooze. Stressed? Stuff a binkie in it.

There are many other things I'd want from Santa (though all things considered, the above would be quite a bit):

  • a kind of wet food my cat actually liked that I could consistently find in the supermarket
  • an unlimited gift card at a bead store
  • a wood-burning stove
  • either straight hair or curly hair, but not Cocker Spaniel hair
  • a pet moose
  • laundry that folded itself
  • laundry that washed itself
  • if not the above two, laundry I didn't have to pay to do
  • no more spam. ever. never ever never.
  • one of those instant hot water things on my kitchen faucet
  • a cure for the common cold.
  • a version of Cap'n Crunch that didn't leave the roof of your mouth shredded
  • more hours in the day
  • the ability to win more than one game of Spider Solitaire in a row
  • a bike with a bell on it

There are the usual requests, like world peace and such, but the big dude already knows about those.

So that's my list. You have five months to work on it. Better get started!

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Laura Collins said...

Pet Moose?!

Can you imagine how hard it would be to find cans of palatable moose food? Oy!

Jeanne said...

I second the laundry wishes!!

I've often thought what it would be like to be a baby again... until I remember all the pain and discomfort my son went through getting his teeth and then shots at the doctors every few months and then being on a liquid diet...

No thanks. lol


But I am so with you on the Cap'n Crunch cereal. I thought it was just my mouth roof that it shredded!

I hope that Santa is able to bring you at least a few things off your list, sarah. You certainly deserve rewards!

marcella said...

Personally rather than the Hagrid figure, I'd settle for a house elf or two. Do you know anywhere I can get one from?

Kirsten said...

I've always been more partial to Fruit Loops, myself. Half the shredding, twice the taste. : )

carrie said...


Well, if you give a moose a muffin...


I definitely agree that being a baby isn't necessarily the greatest. I just really want to be toted around in one of those car seat thingys.


I think Hermione would get in the way of that.


I do love Froot Loops, too. My dietitian's favorite cereal is Cookie Crisp. I really like that about her. How normal!

ms. em said...

merry early christmas, carrie:)

keep me posted about the self-cleaning/folding laundry, ok?

mary said...

You are too much Carrie! A letter to Santa in august! How thoughtful. : )
I love how you ended it..."better get started"...
YOU started my day with a smile. thanks
I like honeynut cheerios.

Sarah said...

Have you seen those bouncy seat things for babies? That's what I want. I'd bounce all the livelong day.

I have a great picture in my mind of Aria facing down a moose over the prime sunny sleeping spot. Ha!

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