The name's Potter. Harry Potter.

I have my book. I've read the first couple of chapters.

I am interrupting my read-a-thon to let you all know where I've been and where I'll be.

I shall return when I finish the book.

And until then, I'll take a butterbeer. Shaken, not stirred.

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Laura Collins said...

My husband got first dibs and he's 100 pages in. The kids are both looking on hungrily.

Couldn't the thing have come with a duplicating spell?

marcella said...

You'll all just have to wait until you've read it! I don't have to, because I've had a running commentary on it almost non-stop since midnight on Friday. Apparently there are people who dare not to like it, but they are being told the error of their ways.

Tash said...

I finished it about 6 hours ago!!! It's brilliant!!!

Harriet Brown said...

Laura, how did your husband get dibs over the children?!?

My youngest and I have both finished it. None of us got much sleep this weekend, though.

Sarah said...

I thought it was fantastic. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I did! In fact I'm still thinking about it. Ran into someone I know under sad circumstances last night and I really wanted to be able to Protego! him.

carrie said...


You mean your children aren't bashing him over the head with their wands? Yelling "Expelliarmus!"


I, too, do not understand those who don't like Harry. My aunt says those books promote Satan and won't let her kids read them. Heh. Their loss, I suppose.


Great to hear!


Did you and Lulu read it together? That would be really fun. I had a camp counselor who read all of us 12 year olds "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" out loud at bedtime every night.


Am enjoying it immensely. ;) And I would love to use the Reparo charm with many people.

Back to reading.

ms. em said...

finished it earlier today:)
won't comment more until you've finished.
happy reading!

carrie said...

I finished it this afternoon. Very satisfying ending.

My only comment was this: I was spot on with my thoughts on Snape.


Thomas said...

Shaken beer? I weep, I weep!

Just finished my copy late last night. I'm mostly satisfied with it, though I have my nits to pick. Won't comment any further for fear of spoiling others.

carrie said...


Not sure whether butterbeer is actually beer. I mean, the Hogwarts kids drink it when they go to Hogsmeade. I think. I suppose it could be pumpkin juice, but that sounds nasty.

One of my favorite parts of the book was that Ron and Hermione had big parts. I'm Hermione in the flesh, sans the buck teeth.

marcella said...

My daughter will join you in rejoicing that she was right about Snape all along.

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