Tastes Like Chicken

My cat is finicky, persnickety, and stubborn, especially when it comes to food. She no doubt inherited those traits from me.

At any rate, I couldn't find her 9 Lives Tuna and Egg canned cat food, so I was forced to go looking elsewhere. All of the other varieties of canned tuna did NOT have "tuna" as the first ingredient, which meant that Her Royal Fuzziness wouldn't eat it. Seeing how much the tuna food reeked, I thought that this might be a good time to make a switch.

Friskies, however, makes Turkey Strips in Real Gravy. Seeing as how a) she ate the Thanksgiving turkey along with the rest of us and b) loves anything with gravy (baked bean sauce is a favorite, along with hummus), it would be a good bet. She gobbled up that turkey. I was thinking "Woo-hoo!" So when I found Chicken Strips in Real Gravy from 9 Lives (in a considerably more reasonably-priced 4-pack), I put it in my grocery cart.

Hey, turkey tastes like chicken, right?


She has thus far refused to eat almost all of the canned chicken. She licks all the gravy off of the chicken and then leaves the rest to dry out in her little bowl. She'd go hungry before eating the damn chicken.

It's not even real chicken or real turkey. Screw the label! How can she tell the difference?

So, to express her dismay at her food options, she asked if she could express her feelings on my blog.

And without further adieu, I would like to present a public service announcement from my cat, Aria (she likes to use a French accent when speaking):

[staring down from her throne]

What haf you bean serfing me? Zees cheeken...I turn my nose up at such steenky food. Zees is not the poultree pateh to which I am used to. I deezerv betteher zan zees.

I am a preencess. Madame, I deemand mores frum youse than zees cheeken sheet you have been sehrving me.

Let zehm eat zees cheeken. Zis keetee only eats zee turkeh.

[sitting in the royal treasury]

Send zee sehrvents to pur-chase food that eez feet for a preencess.

Aria thanks you for your time.

And I hope she starts to eat her freaking chicken because babe, you have three more cans of this stuff.

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mary said...

I have a friend who buys people tuna...the cheapest variety wally land sells for her spoiled cats.[.50 stuff] She add a little to whatever else she feeds them and it makes it all good.
Oh, you've got to stop running around in Aria's head! LOL

carrie said...

I've thought about people tuna. It's one of those last-ditch things. And they do still make the tuna and egg stuff, it's just touch and go, and they never have enough to truly stock up.

And Aria and I? We share the same brain. Creepy, really.

Jeanne said...

Hey Carrie,

I agree with mary - mixing the not well-liked chicken with something that is irresistable for Aria is worth a try.
But be warned!
You need to pulverize the two together.
I've tried a quick mixing of the ingredients with my furry prince (a crotchedy geriatric Lhasa Apso) and he will eat all the "good" stuff and leave the unpalatable behind. ;-)

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Girlcat will eat people tuna, boycat will perhaps deign to eat a little. He's not into people food, though, and she is. They've trained me to buy them Fancy Feast, but only the cuts with gravy. The pate type, or anything without gravy, is shunned.

Aria is a beauty! Well deserving of adoration.

carrie said...


Heh. I was just going to mix it with catnip. ;) Good tip though. She did eat about 3/4 of the stuff overnight. We shall see.


Crap how those cats train us! And what is it with that feline attraction to all things gravy-licious?

Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, how dare you try and mess with your cat's superior taste buds. Cats will settle with nothing but the finest food (as defined by them) and anything else is completely unacceptable. Silly human. :P

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