Puss on Sweaters and Other Mundane Feline Adventures

It's no secret that my cat is damn near the center of my universe. She's cute and soft and fuzzy...and a pain in the 'tocks.

I love her though.

So I have these mesh racks upon which one is supposed to lay a wet sweater to dry flat (like the little tag says). However, when one has a curious feline, the sweater usually gets company- sooner, rather than later. I laid a lightweight black sweater on to dry and little Miss Fuzz for Brains hops right on top. The little rack blows her mind because she can see the floor but because the rack is just high enough, she's not on the ground. Aria is all "WTF? Why can't I touch the ground? What kind of tricks is my captor playing on me?"*

Meanwhile, I'm all, "You had to pick the black sweater, didn't you?"

The sweater is now dry but much furrier than when it came out of the washer.

We also had a Suburban Safari because a little squirrel was eating some sort of nut right outside the big glass doors on our deck. It was raining, and the poor little dear's tail was all matted and such, but it kept nibbling away at the nut. I brought Aria over to the window (she's strictly an indoor cat) and she kept gazing around at the leaves, the mulch, etc. So I turned her head to see Mr. Squirrel and she went completely rigid, her ears stuck out, and she made this little "ehrrr?" noise. Tail swished enormously. I wish I could have dragged her around the floor doing that. Save on mopping and vacuuming.

This is one cat who definitely hasn't forgotten she's a predator.

A predator that is also a diva. I have to read the labels on her cat food to make sure that "tuna" or "fish" is listed as the first ingredient. Not "water," not "meat by-products," no sirree. Only the best for her. I drew the line at getting Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. There's no way in hell that she's eating better than me. Nope. Nope nope nope.

She does, however, love high-octane catnip. I got some new weed out for her and she loved it so much, she dipped her paws in the little bowl and licked them off. She promptly fell asleep, head-first in the bowl.

Her other favorite entertainment (besides getting high as a kite) is napping. She does it Aria-style, thusly:

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samsi77 said...

but how can you remain mad at such an adoring facing that looks so innocent too!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, but...


I love cats more than most people. Cats never cease to amaze me.

marcella said...

she's gorgeous.

RioIriri said...

She's thinking, "Mom is the fuzz for brains...why is she mad at me for using the kitty bed that she made especially for me?!"


Sarah said...

what a sweetie! mine love to watch the squirrels and birds, I even put a bird feeder on the deck so they'd have some kitty TV to watch all day. I love when cats spot some "prey" and they make that chirping noise in the back of their throats.

She's gorgeous.

Faith said...

Very cool Carrie - I didn't know you were a crocheter (hooker) either! Thx for the comment.


carrie said...

I never remain mad at her for long. But really- the *black* sweater? Seriously. What can I say? The cat has taste.

Right now she's giving me this doleful look staring up at the doorknob. She really wants to go outside. I think she's thinking that if she stares at the knob hard enough, it will magically turn and let her outside.

If anyone could do it, it would be her.

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