New Jewelry Added!

Hi all.

I'm shameless, I know, but I had to let you know that I just added a bunch of new items to my online store, French Roast Designs.

They're really cool. You know you want to buy some. You know you do. They make great gifts for you or your special someone. And by making a purchase, you help support ED Bites in your own little way and get a cool piece of jewelry on top of it!

My rent this coming year is outrageous so help give me money for food so I don't starve to death or anything. That would suck. And then you definitely wouldn't be able to wear such tres cool creations.

The above is quite proof that my career in marketing shall, alas, never get off the ground.

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Lindsey said...

I beg to differ: your career in marketing is well-grounded.

Will obey, as soon as financially possible. ;)

carrie said...

There's no strings attached. ;)

Thomas said...

Do you know the composition of the metals you use? The person I'm shopping for is allergic to nickel and rubidium :(

Necklaces and such aren't so bad, but earrings are right out if they have either of those.

Also - lovely work, I like them!

carrie said...


Most of the wires that I use are sterling silver plated over brass, or all sterling silver. I'm honestly not positive about any other metals that might be in them.

I have a nickel allergy, and I've worn the same earwires without a problem (not the ones I sell, though. Hee hee). I've never had a problem with necklaces, regardless of composition.

I can do custom orders if you want something. Just email me at and we can work together.

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