Conspiracy Theory?

I realized just how much fun it was to rant about my crazy co-workers. Now that I'm not there as much, I can't nearly work myself in the same frenzy that I used to.

Though an email from the Human Resources lady did raise my blood pressure a wee bit. She talked about "Weight Watchers at Work." I understand the convenience. I really do. But didn't we just finish that? If Weight Watchers were so good, why would we keep getting email after email after email about it? That's because it doesn't work you idiots! But we think it does and we keep going and then we blame ourselves when we fail.

Hello...thindustry at work here.

There are several things that irked me about this email:

1) Since when has it become natural for people to assume that everyone wants/needs to lose weight? Secondly, what about the good ol' doctor-determining-the-state-of-your-health-and-advising-you-from-there deal? Weight loss has turned into as much about aesthetics as it has about health. "Look good, feel great!" As if you couldn't look "bad" or even "average" and not feel great. I've looked (been) too thin and felt like shit, thank you very much. It was the weight loss that was causing it! People got alarmed only after the starvation had become so blatantly obvious I looked like a walking corpse.

I don't think Weight Watchers is evil incarnate, as much as I make them out to be such. Many people hope to help- though their help (in my opinion) is misguided. But they are out to make money. They have more of an investment to make you fail than to make you succeed. Because it's your fault if you fail, right? So you come running right back.

2)Why is this covered by insurance? My insurance is hassling me about paying for my recent treatment for suicidal depression. And keeping someone in that state of mind away from sharp objects and fun pills is pretty well known to work. Yet they won't pay. However, they will pay for WW. Huh? Dieting has an approximate 98% failure rate. I'm pretty sure that more than 2% of people hospitalized for depression survive. Even with eating disorders treatment. Relapse rate is high (though proper follow-up care decreases this dramatically), but I doubt it's at 98%. And does your insurance company asks if you've done WW before? The more times I was hospitalized for anorexia, the more stingy they became- though I still don't understand how it was possible. They bucked my bony ass out of the hospital when I was still underweight. But apparently you can stay on WW for as long as you freaking want.

I don't know why this is riling me up- I guess I don't need my co-workers to drive me nuts. It just really irritates me how it's almost unstated that you are either on a diet or intending to go on one as soon as the last cheesecake disappears. It does tempt that anorexic part of me, the little bugger underneath the surface that hasn't yet gone away. Screw the peanut butter, let's eat carrots! Sounds like fun, huh? No, I think I've had enough of that type of fun for a while...probably the rest of my life. I hope.

As for how I like my peanut butter? Licked straight of the spoon. Carrots don't stand a chance.

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mary said...

While I like my peanut butter on a cracker or with jam I have nothing against those who put it on a carrot. Have you gone an jaded every memory of the carrot? hehehe
Truth is that a cooked carrot gives us the nourishment we need and it's even tastier with butter and as part of the meal!
I agree that the diet industry has exploited us from every angle. Even the models seem to be 'using' this as a step up! Yep, Tyra seemed to be making a genuine effort to say "knock it off" to the media but then immediately after others followed...several who are clearly not eating enough or spending much of the time at the gym in order to stay in front of the cameras. Brooke S was healthier when she was a kid! Even Oprah yo yo's while she tells us to stop making excuses and get with the program. And Dove, they aren't trying to sell me anything. They've got one of the brightest campaign managers out there. I'm not saying I don't appreciate and see that it's long over due. I'd just rather enjoy the changes than be manipulated into buying anything.
Weight W's, well I tried that about 15yrs ago and it was using a book from the library and a point chart shared by a friend. It actually helped me become aware of all non thinking eating I was doing and it was one of the most sensible plans as it helps foster awareness. It tells you to move for a short period of time each day...20mins. it used to be.
For ana that may be too triggering. I believe that the triggers can and will fade away and the day will come for full recovery, Carrie. For today though you get to deal with today. That's enough!
What we need is for treatment centers to be eliminated if they are operating on the basis of making money if people stay sick longer. I believe that if you invest yourself with the belief you will get support then the support had better not be coddling the ED. It's hard enough to fight. but it certainly doesn't need a t teaming up with the disease.
Guess it's all relative Carrie. Perhaps you ought to write the book on the relativity or was it those relatives. : )

drstaceyny said...

Can't we plea for some sort of separation of diet and state? ; )



Actually carrots and hummus are a nice snack. And I do agree that *aspects* of WW can be helpful- like you said, the eating when you're not thinking that you're eating. I think it also falls along the lines of viewing eating as a pleasurable experience.

I do quite enjoy taking a walk outside when the weather is nice...something I don't see happening anytime soon.

Dr. Stacey,
Author Wendy Shanker (she wrote "The Fat Girl's Guide to Life" which is literally one of the most fabulous books I've ever read on size acceptance) calls it a plea for "separation of body and business." About time.

sunshine girl said...

Thank YOU! I am so sick of hearing co-workers talk about Weight Watchers. I can recall many incidents of when I was close to hospitalization and WW was the lunch time discussion. It was so hard for me to hear, when in treatment I was being told to GAIN weight. I think that it is so important to recognize that not everyone needs to lose weight. Maybe more of us would have a positive body image if weight loss was not a main topic of conversation.

Ryanryan said...

i've always hated carrots! haha, took them only when i was severely anorexic, and it was simply to fill myself up, eek

mary said...

I think Ryan's trying to start a food fight!

I'm in!

I'm throwing lima beans........yuck!

hungry for hunger said...

Baby carrots taste like dirt. Did you know that they're not even baby carrots? They're carrots thrown into a hopper, cut into those shapes, and run under a chemical bath to give them a sheen.



I vote for water chesnuts. People say you can't taste them...oh yes you can. Ditto for cauliflouer.


What you said about body image and diet talk, I think it goes the other way too: when people have positive body image, they don't talk about dieting.


Okay you totally succeeded at grossing me out. I can't eat carrots plain, but I must confess they are a great vessel for enjoying hummus. I think I'm going to have to go back to the good old "What's Up Doc" carrots.

Harriet Brown said...

Hi Carrie,

I swear too! :-)

Baby carrots. Now they seem like . . . little baby fingers all cut up. Ick.



OK, ew. I don't know that I'll be able to look at a baby carrot the same way again. I have another gross analogy from when I dissected a pig in biology lab, but it's pretty disturbing for this early in the morning.

Have you seen the movie "Goonies"? Where the people try to make the kid tell what he knows by threatening to cut off his fingers? How they put tomatoes in the blender for added affect? That's what I thought of.

littlem said...

Hi, Carrie - I came over from Dr. Stacey's blog.

H4H, ew. Just ew.

Now, see, that's the type of thing that pisses me off. 'Cause it contributes to the part that no one talks about -- the food industry sure isn't going to discuss it. What about all these chemicals added to our food that our bodies have NO IDEA what to do with?

(I won't get on my little rant theory about those chemicals' relationship to neurochemical and bodily oddities and, therefore, various EDs, but you all are smart people. You can make inferences.)


Those chemicals do make you wonder. Being a chemistry major in college sort of desensitized me to much of it, however. Whether that's good or bad has yet to be seen.

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