Might I add...

I got in!

To Johns Hopkins!

Science/Medical Writing Program!

With an 80% scholarship!

Baltimore here I come!!!

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mary said...

WOW! Great news! Celebrate and continue forward towards your FULL RECOVERY!

Laura Collins said...

Congratulations! Kudos!

Hope said...

FANTASTIC!! You're one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. I'm so proud of you.
Love and Hugs!!


::blushing:: Aw, shucks. :)

Mary, let it be known that this was the day I took my magic wand into work with me to complete all of our department's deadlines "on time."

Laura, thank you as always for your encouragement of my sometimes hare-brained adventures. I hope to see you in San Diego this fall.

Hope (mom)- love ya!

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