Sole Sisters

One of my good friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is now undergoing chemo.  I'm not exactly sure how the whole "shoe" theme got started (I think she and another one of her friends had an identical pair of loafers that they both wore the first day of chemo), but it's taken off.  We all wear our loafers on her chemo day to show our solidarity.

I don't know if ballet flats count as a proper pair of loafers, but they're the closest thing I've got.  I also don't think this is an actual chemo day, but I didn't get around to taking the damn picture until now.

With that said:

I love you, Charlotte.

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Cathy (UK) said...

Nice thought and nice shoes! xx

Katie said...

Nice shoes ;) I wear loafers every day, so have been unintentionally joining in! I will have to deliberately wear my favourite pair for Charlotte next week.

Charlotte is awesome <3 down with cancer!

Anonymous said...

To Sole Sisters!

Stephanie said...

Well put and Go Charlotte you have a lot of people cheering you on, we love you!

Charlotte Bevan said...

Thank you all. I love the ballet flats, Carrie. When M came to stay she liked my new loafers so much she bought exactly the same pair and that's how it all started!

Love you all too xx

Mia said...
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Carrie Arnold said...

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