Roadblocks to Recovery Series

If recovering from an eating disorder can be thought of as a road--an unpaved, unmapped road with lots of potholes--then some of the common pitfalls I've encountered can be thought of as roadblocks.  The series was born out of a therapy assignment, where I had to make a pro/con list about recovering from my eating disorder.  The idea was not to determine whether I should recover, but rather to identify the difficulties I was likely to encounter as I recovered.  By sharing my list in therapy, I realized that many of the "roadblocks" I had on my list were extremely common in people with eating disorders, and thought it might be useful for me to blog about them.

So here are the "Roadblocks to Recovery" posts!

Roadblocks to Recovery: The Trump Card

Roadblocks to Recovery: On Average

Roadblocks to Recovery: "High" Five

Roadblocks to Recovery: When Hunger (Doesn't) Strike

Roadblocks to Recovery: Virtual Valium

Roadblocks to Recovery: Only the Lonely

Roadblocks to Recovery: It's Complicated

Roadblocks to Recovery: Different Strokes

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