HuffPost Live on Pro-Ana

I was initially hesitant to do this interview because I don't think that publicizing these websites is necessarily a good thing (I know many people who first started visiting pro-anorexia sites after hearing about them on TV). That being said, ignoring an issue never works, so there you have it.

I think the interview went really well, all things considered. You can see my dorky Santa teddy bear coffee mug at some point, I believe.

{{Note, there is some talk of rather low calorie diets. If that sort of thing bothers you, then I would advise not watching it.}}


Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie
I like your blog.

Interesting interview. I'm sure that it is ok talking about this stuff as these groups do not exist anymore. The Fist of rage days takes us back to the very earliest pro ana days on the net. This was a bit before my time but i have friends who used the internet back then around 1999 and they were on groups like that during that time. The membership i was told largely consisted of people who had severe ed's. Going by that interview you were around then.

Back then these groups could be pretty exclusionary and really you didn't get people saying that they wanted to get an ed on those particular type of groups. Of course as well though they were not really recovery focused at all. A number of these groups were invite only and people were very selective with who they invited, really ed sufferers only.

Oh and i found an article about pro ana sites and had to just see what it was all about myself, it was sort of a rebellion also against treatment.

hm said...

Nice job, Carrie. Loved your emphasis on the sooner the (evidence based) treatment, the better.

Most ed sufferers are, by nature, people-pleasers, not people-haters. The ed within them, however, is a different story- and pro ana sites allow the ed to come out and speak freely and without shame- it gets stronger and more dominant within the person without "normalcy" to temper it- and this, I am sure, contributes to the overall societal misconception of eds as a "choice" and sufferers as "vain" "stubborn" and etc.

I got into pro ana in a desperate attempt to prove I did NOT have a disorder, ironically- no, I am not disordered, this is a CHOICE- I was frantic to be validated, understood, and not confronted anymore. My therapist turned me to your site and I found here the validation and understanding I was craving, but with the truth of my struggles that I also needed, whether I understood I needed that or not.

Anorexics are so painfully lonely. They feel like they don't need anyone/anything except their disorder- they believe and feel this- but a human can never totally escape the deep need for connection- that is why pro ana sites are appealing, if nothing else. Your site is a healthy alternative- providing understanding and community but with a solid base of truth and health as a foundation. It has been a life-saver for me.

Brittnie said...

Great advice to the commenters question posed at the end of the video. Nice job!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the above comments...fabulous! And brave. And informative.

Progression Obsession said...

I think this is incredibly smart and refreshing. Thank you, Carrie, for having the strength and courage to address this issue. Like with many eating disorder topics, it sometimes seems easier not to talk about things, but it only makes things worse.
Thank you for inspiring me everyday. You are amazing!

love and neurosis, little one said...

Is this my old "friend" from Scotland? In recovery and into.behavioral science research as well. Hope its you. If you want any extra findings from my research... (as I come to it..) Love and neurosis, little one.

love and neurosis, little one said...

Is this my old "friend" from Scotland? In recovery and into.behavioral science research as well. Hope its you. If you want any extra findings from my research... (as I come to it..) Love and neurosis, little one.

Unknown said...

It is so hard to find positive environments/pro-recovery ED forums/groups. I had to stop attending the local, which wasn't that local, ed support group and found that I was triggered more then getting healthier. As a result it has become very difficult to continue to heal, which is why I've started a blog. I've learned that the more I talk the better I become. Good luck on your journey- thanks for mentioning this stuff in your interview- and I will continue to follow.

Anonymous said...

WARNING: Though not intentional, this post may be triggering to people who have, or are now suffering with an eating disorder. If you fall into one of those categories, please refrain from reading any further...

Hi all, here's a little about my own journey and my ED. I am a an anoxia who solidly falls into a slim minority group of sufferers. I am a male, now 52 but my eating disorder began when I was 42. Although over time my ED centered on a need to be "pure" and thin, it did not start out with these goals in mind. My emersion into anorexia began as a response to a "perfect storm" of sad and very stressful events in my life that came together simultaneously. Also the stress of my job as an executive at a Fortune 500 became entirely overwhelming.

I came across this interview while looking into a decision I am now contemplating that I feel could potentially reignite my anorexia. After many, many stays in treatment facilities, I have been "successfully" in recovery now for about four years. I say "successfully" because, like alcoholism, one is never out of the woods in that, while I've been able to manage my impulses in regard to eating, my feeling of longing and nostalgia have never gone away completely.

I am now seriously considering going on 21 day Master Cleanse program for the first time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this program, it is basically a diet and detox program aimed at ridding the body of a lifetime of consumed toxins, as well as healing past injuries, both mental and physical. The program involves not eating any solid food. Instead one subsides on a nutrient rich concoction of lemonade laced with pure maple syrup, and cyan pepper. Also, in order fix the digestive tract, the participant is advised to drink salt-water and laxative tea.

II think I am attracted to the Master Cleanse for the health benefits it trumpets, HOWEVER, at times, I can hear a tiny voice that is cheering for the significant weight loss aspect of the program. I am hoping that if I decide to embark on this program, I can stay completely focused on the health side, but given my history with anorexia, I'm not sure if that is a realistic expectation.

My question is: Is there any research that talks about recovered EDs using this kind of program and what are the conclusions of these studies? If no such research exists, I think it would be a very interesting subject to explore.

Thanks all for reading this long passage and I appreciate any and all responses.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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