New Body of Evidence post and other updates

I am currently in Miami, attending the 2011 International Conference on Eating Disorders. Several deadlines and spending most of today traveling meant that I haven't had much time to blog until just now.

I have a new post on Body of Evidence called Rethinking Recovery. Yes, PJ, this is the post I promised you. A little delayed, but better late than never, right? I get paid based on page views, so visit early and visit often! LOL

In other news, I got to meet the wonderful Julie O'Toole in person for the first time, and was totally flattered to hear her and her husband say that they hoped I would be attending because they really wanted to meet me. That's almost like having George Clooney say he was looking forward to meeting me. Swoon!

Tomorrow is a full day of talks, interviewing, and schmoozing, so it's bedtime for me. I will be live Tweeting the conference, and you can follow my ED Bites Twitter feed or just search for the hashtag #aed11


hm said...

Read it- great post- looking forward to reading your posts about the conference. :)

hm said...

p.s. Sent an email out to my close peeps w/a link to your Body of Evidence posts, inviting them to click on it and check it out. Perhaps other readers would be willing to share as well...

PJ said...

Agreed - great post! I think what I found so saddening about that article (aside from the fact that it came out 5 days after I decided I *really* want recovery!) was it's pessimistic overtone. As though 'recovery' was simply going to mean replacing an obsession surrounding food with an obsession surrounding worrying about the obsession surrounding food. But I choose to be more hopeful than that. And I think I'll choose to listen to those who have 'been there' rather than the NY Times journalist! PJ

Katie said...

Ooh, I am envious ;) I would love to meet Laura and you and Julie, although I'd be too scared to talk to Julie. I'd probably be too scared to talk to anyone actually, but I would enjoy the conference. And Miami! That can't be bad...

I read and replied to your post! I actually wrote a similar post a couple of days ago - it frustrates me that people don't make the distinction between being vulnerable to relapse and living with the disorder on a day to day basis when discussing recovery. Nice clarification there :)

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